The world’s top ten most dangerous sports

The world’s top ten most dangerous sports

The world’s top ten most dangerous sports

Millions of people practice different sports as a hobby or as a profession. From the long list of sports there are some very dangerous ones because practicing them you can risk injuring yourself or even risk your life. Here are the top ten most dangerous sports in the world:

10. Golf: The sport looks harmless because is not any physical contact between the competitors but the number of deaths encountered on the golf course is up to 4,000 a year. 5% of the lightning deaths occur on the golf field during bad weather.

9. Cheerleading: With more than 20,000 serious injuries every year we can easily say that the Cheerleading is the most dangerous sport for women.

8. Horse riding: Is not commonly seen as a dangerous sport and is widely practiced all over the world, but with a number of 120 deaths for 100,000 participants can make you change your mind.

7. Rock climbing: Due to the extreme condition in which is practiced (high altitude, no immediate help, extreme physical effort) is easy to see why it’s so dangerous.

6. Soccer: Is the king of all sports due to the number of fans and players that practice it around the world. The number of fatalities is not that high, but on the other side the number of serious injuries is very high.

5. Bull riding: There is nothing more to say about this extreme sport than that you need to be crazy to do that.

4. Hockey: Slamming people into walls and the ice skating assured hockey a nice place in this top ten.

3. Motorcycling: The speed and the lack of a car body to protect the motorcyclist make the sport extremely dangerous when accidents happen. And accidents happen all the time.

2. Rugby: Is the most dangerous team sport in the world because of the brutality of the game. In this sport there are more injuries per player than on any other team sport.

1. Cave diving: the decompression, low visibility, freezing temperatures and limited air supplies make this sport the most dangerous ever. Although only the most prepared divers do it, there still is a deadly sport with more than 500 recorded victims.

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