Top 5 sexual scandals in sport

Top 5 sexual scandals in sport

Top 5 sexual scandals in sport

These are the most famous athletes who have undergone sex scandals in the press, or even in the courts:

Cristiano Ronaldo

The new secret mistress of the Real Madrid’s star is called Fernanda and is paid 2,500 euro per night.  The English magazine “News of the World” says that further than sexual services, Fernanda also offers to her customers doses of cocaine.

Tiger Woods

The scandal started with the first discovered mistress, and then appeared the second, and eventually he ended up with 19 lovers! U.S. golf player, who seemed to have a perfect family life, revealed his passionate side in the press, losing the public appreciation and huge advertising contracts.

Ronaldo, regular customer of nightclubs in the Spanish capital, while playing at Real Madrid, was involved in a drugs and prostitutes scandal. While recovering after a knee injury, the Brazilian star went to a motel with a prostitute. Once there, he called two more prostitutes for sexual services. However, the three women were found to be … transvestites!

Boris Becker

German genial tennis player came out pretty expensive after a sexual scandal. While in a restaurant, after dinner, Boris went to the toilet restaurant with a young woman, who then blackmailed him, asking 3.6 million euro.

John Terry

The media in England continues to uncover details regarding the former captain of England. Now, the number of women who claim to had sex with Chelsea defender, is 12, including Vanessa Peroncel, which started the whole scandal.

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