Top ten extreme sports

Top ten extreme sports

Top ten extreme sports

The man’s need for adrenaline seems to be higher than ever in this technological advanced world where the everyday life involves so less risk. Looking for something to get them out of the ordinary and to make them feel more alive, youngsters started to practice extreme sports. These sports require exceptional physical qualities and mental strength, usually including high speeds and a lot of risk.

Skydiving – also known as parachuting is one of the first extreme sports ever practiced. The first recorded parachute jump dates back from 1797 but the sport gain its international fame in 1951.

Bungee Jumping – jumping from a tall building, a bridge or a crane, tied to an elastic cord can be easily considered a sign of insanity, but these days is just another extreme sport with popularity among the masses. This sport started to be practiced in New Zealand in 1986.

Mountain Biking – riding the bike on the roughest terrains, out in the wilderness is very demanding. Besides the best bike riding skills you also need survival skills and a well trained body and mind. Mountain biking was developed in USA in the 1970s.

Hang Gliding – is a very dangerous air sport, consisting in flying with a hang glider. The pilot needs special skills because he uses his own bodyweight to maneuver the glider.

Ice Climbing – involves climbing on inclined ice formations. It is a more extreme side of the mount climbing.

Mountaineering – is one of the most popular extreme sports. Mountaineering involves walking, trekking and hiking.

Paragliding – is quite similar to hang gliding but in this case is used a gliding parachute with multi-cells and controls for lateral glide.

Windsurfing – is a combination of two water sports, sailing and surfing and involves a windsurf board with a single sail.

Hot Air Ballooning – since 1783, when two Frenchmen flew for the first time with a hot air balloon, this sport became more and more popular worldwide.

Surfing – is the most popular extreme water sport. Apparently the sport comes from ancient Polynesia, when it was considered a recreational activity. Is the favorite sport in the Pacific Ocean.

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