Top ten golf courses worldwide

Top ten golf courses worldwide

Top ten golf courses worldwide

Golf is a sport that slowly conquered the world. Its origins are very unclear and sports with similarities were played all over the world since ancient times. Although in United States, which is considered the country of golf, the number of active player is decreasing, worldwide the player’s community is in fact increasing very fast. The best example is China where in just 10 years more than 600 golf courses were opened and it’s expected that in just five years 1,400 new golf courses to be opened.

This unique sport with simple rules and no standard playing area was an Olympic sport in 1900, 1904. Due to the increasing popularity that the golf has known in the past few years worldwide, since the 2016 Olympic Games, golf will return among the Olympic sports.

Currently there are thousands of golf courses around the world, many of them of exceptional quality. Due to no standard requirements, the golf courses can be very different so the comparison between them is tricky.

A good golf course should be very accessible, with good drainage of the land but must also include nature hazard. The architecture and design must be done in collaboration with a professional golfer that knows the game very well.

Taking all that into consideration the best golf courses in the world are:

– Pebble Beach, USA

– Augusta, USA

– Ballybunion, Ireland

– Cypress point, USA

– Kingston Heath, Australia

– Miurfield Scotland, United Kingdom

– St Andrews Old Course Scotland, United Kingdom

– Valderrama, Spain

– Pine Valley, USA

– Pebble Beach, USA

When it comes to golf courses the comparison is subjected to individual subjectivity. Each golfer has its own set of values and in many cases can be a matter of taste if one course is better than another. The best part is that with so many new golf courses to come every one will have several exceptional golf courses to choose from.

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