Top ten richest tennis players

Top ten richest tennis players

Top ten richest tennis players

Tennis is among the best paid sports and that is quite obvious if you look at the fortunes made by the best tennis players. This sport is very popular and the major tournaments present great interest and are watched by a huge number of fans.

The immense popularity that surrounds the tennis players drew the attention of big multinational companies that offered huge advertising contracts to the best players. The top ten richest tennis players depending on their tennis winnings and advertising contracts are:

1 . Roger Federer (born in 1981 in Switzerland), winner of 16 grand slam titles – $35 million.

2 . Maria Sharapova (born in 1987 in Russia) won three grand slam titles – $26 million.

3 . Rafel Nadal (born in 1986, Spain) won 9 grand slam titles and one Olympic gold medal – $18 million.

4. Serena Williams (born in 1981, in United States) winner of 13 grand slam titles – more than $15 million.

5. Venus Williams (born in 1980, United States) has 7 grand slam titles – about $15 million.

6. Andy Roddick (born in 1982, United States) won just one grand slam title – $15 million.

7 . Novak Djokovic (born in 1987, represents Serbia) has one grand slam title – $13 million.

8. Justine Henin (born in 1982, Belgian female tennis player) won 7 grand slam titles – $10 million.

9 . Ana Ivanovic (born in 1987, Serbia) has a grand slam title – $ 8 million.

10. James Blake (born in 1979, in United States) has no grand slam titles – 7.5 million.

As you can notice both male and female tennis players made huge fortunes. The biggest surprise in this top is James Blake, being the only rich tennis player that never won a grand slam title. Yet he managed to gather a nice fortune of more than $7 million.

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