Top ten soccer players – Part 1

Top ten soccer players – Part 1

Top ten soccer players – Part 1

Undoubtedly soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. Each World Cup Final sets a new record of audience with hundreds of millions of people watching it live on television. Throughout the one hundred years recorded history of soccer, many players were noted as exceptional all of them becoming representative personalities of this sport.

Choosing only ten top soccer players its quite hard, but each one has a special place in the history of soccer. Any top ten of all time football players is submitted to subjectivity and the most difficult part is to establish a correct order so we will use only chronological order.

Let’s take a look at the first five top soccer players in chronological order:

– Lev Yashin: this Russian goalkeeper is still considered by many soccer fans as the greatest goalkeeper of all times. He had 270 matches without taking a goal and it is estimated that Yashin saved more than 150 penalty kicks.

– Bobby Charlton: although is known as the survivor of the Munich air disaster of 1958, Charlton is one of the soccer legends. He played 17 years at Manchester United and was awarded the European Footballer of the Year trophy in 1966 when he won the World Cup with England.

– Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento): in 1958 at 17 years old scored six goals in the World Cup tournament, becoming world champion with Brazil. He scored more than 1,200 goals in all competition during his career.

– Diego Maradona: he scored five goals during 1986 World Cup tournament leading Argentina to the title. He is a veritable magician with the ball.

– Franz Beckenbauer: he revolutionized the game by creating the modern sweeper (libero). He is the only player that won two World Cup titles with the same team first as captain (1974) and then as manager (1990).

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