Top ten sports contracts

Top ten sports contracts

Top ten sports contracts

Everyone knows that some athletes earn millions of dollars each year of activity. Looking at the top ten sports contracts its’ obvious that the most remunerative sports are baseball and auto racing.

In fact, baseball is the most profitable sport on the planet, eight of the top ten contracts worldwide belonging to professional baseball players. As a matter of fact, the sum of the top ten sports contracts is nearly 2 billion dollars.

10. Miguel Cabrera, baseball player started in 2008 a $152,300,000 contract with Detroit Tigers for the 2008-2015 seasons.

9. Kimi Räikkönen, auto racing driver for Ferrari signed in 2007 a 3-year contract worth $153,000,000.

8. Fernando Alonso, auto racing driver for McLaren had a 4-year contract since 2007-2010 worth $160,000,000.

7. Manny Ramírez, baseball player, had a $160,000,000   contract with Boston Red Sox from 2001 to 2008.

6. CC Sabathia, baseball player, just started his 10-year contract at New York Yankees worth $220,000,000.

5. Mark Teixiera, baseball player, is currently under an 8-year contract with New York Yankees worth $180,000,000 signed in 2009.

4. Joe Mauer, baseball player signed with Minnesota Twins a contract worth $184,000,000 for a period of 8 years starting with 2011.

3. Derek Jeter, baseball player, still has a 10-year contract from 2001 with New York Yankees worth $189,000,000.

2. Alex Rodriguez, baseball player signed in 2001 a 10-year contract of $252,000,000 with Texas Rangers.

1. Alex Rodriguez, baseball player at New York Yankees his 10 year contract signed in 2008 worth $275,000,000 which means $27,500,000 a year.

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