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Aspen, the most famous ski destination

Aspen, the most famous ski destination

Aspen, the most famous ski destination

We all know about celebrities that go to Aspen for ski or just to spend their vacation. In fact Aspen is so famous due to the famous people that came here for winter sports. Eventually lots of them ended up like part time residents in Aspen.

The city was born in 1879 when a small community of miners established there. At first it was named Ute City, but one year later was renamed Aspen because of the aspen trees that cover the mountains. Back in 1881 and 1882, Aspen was the most productive silver-mining district in United States. The mining activity declined and by 1930 in Aspen remained only 750 residences. (more…)

The formula of a beautiful and perfect face

Faces with golden ratio

Faces with "golden ratio"

We all know that the beauty is subjective, depending on the viewer’s perception. Still, scientists always studied it, trying to find out if any secret formula is behind the beauty of some perfect females. Recently, scientists from the University of Toronto made a study and claim that they discovered the formula of a perfect female face.

It seems that the beauty lays in the structure of the face. The most attractive faces seem to be the ones with a certain feature proportions also named the “golden ratio”. The space between the pupils should be 46% of the face width, from ear to ear, and the distance between the eyes and mouth should be 36% of the length of the face from hairline to chin. (more…)