Australia, the destination you should not miss

Australia, the destination you should not miss

Australia, the destination you should not miss

Located in the Southern Hemisphere between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, Australia is the smallest continent. The country is so diverse welcoming the travelers throughout the whole year. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth are the main cities and also most populated areas in the county.

Although the capital is Canberra, Sydney is the largest city in Australia. The main attractions of Sydney include the Opera House, famous for its exceptional architecture, the Sydney Harbor and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Besides the cultural attractions, Sydney also has superb beaches, stylish bars and an attractive night life.

For nature lovers, Australia has unique places and many animals that live exclusively on this big island. Kakadu National Park, Phillip Island, Great Barrier Reef and the Australian Alps are the main attractions that a tourist interested in wildlife should not miss.

Besides the classic touristic traveling, Australia also promotes working holidays. Young people aged between 18 and 30 are invited to travel around the country to see it while working on different jobs. This way you never run out of money and you can extend your Australian adventure for a year.

As you may know, Australia is the home of many dangerous insects or animals. Deadly box jellyfishes, salt water crocodiles, white sharks, venomous snakes and huge spiders could ruin your vacation so find out all you can about them and watch out for any dangers.

Even the winter sports have their place on the mostly dry continent so don’t forget to pack you skies. If you left them home don’t worry you can rent skies and snowboards right on the Australian Alps slopes.

The population of Australia is very mixed and the people welcomes all travelers. The unique combination of wild nature, beautiful landscapes, appealing beaches and imposing mountains make Australia a superb destination that you would not want to miss.

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