Best summer destinations

Best summer destinations

Best summer destinations

Scandinavia – the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) are rather difficult to visit in the winter but they are the perfect destination during summer. The Nordic countries have a nice cooler summer than the rest of the Europe so it can also be the best choice when it comes comfortable summer conditions.

Argentina – is the newest “must to visit” destination in Latin America. Buenos Aires is famous for night life, tango and wine and lately is considered among the best cities to go for study in Sothern Hemisphere. Patagonia is a good destination for winter sports from mid-June to late September.

Istanbul, Turkey – Visiting the city lying on two continents is the best way to compare the two civilizations. Istanbul is also a city full of history and religion.

Budapest, Hungary – a small city that starts to be discovered by western travelers. The best attractions in Budapest include museums, art, film and music events, night life and the Danube river.

Dublin, Ireland – after the economic problems that Ireland faced in the recent years, Dublin is now one of the best low budget destinations. The large number of students, numerous cultural activities and the typical pubs contribute to its increasing popularity.

Montreal, Canada – the best time to visit Montreal is during summer. The celebrations and festivals held during the warm season attract a lot of tourists that came here just to have some fun.

Russia – Moscow and St. Petersburg are truly cultural capitals. The summer in Russia has more sunshine that you can imagine so you have a lot of fine weather to wonder on the streets full of history.

Alaska – the Glacier Bay National Park with seven active tidewater glaciers, humpback whales, moose, bears and mountain goats is a World Heritage site, and a UNESCO Biosphere Preserve.

Azores, Portugal – an unspoiled North Atlantic archipelago is waiting for the tourists all summer long with mineral hot springs, vineyards, windmills and many secluded black and white sand beaches.

Croatia – there is no need to say much about the Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. This is a well known summer destination since the era of Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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