Dominican Republic, the No. 1 Caribbean destination

Dominican Republic, the No. 1 Caribbean destination

Dominican Republic, the No. 1 Caribbean destination

Santo Domingo, the Dominican capital was the first European settlement in the New World. Christopher Columbus reached the island back in 1492, when it was inhibited by Taino tribes.  After almost three hundred years on Spanish, French and Haitian periods of domination the Dominican Republic won its independence for a short period of time in 1821.

The new Caribbean state was taken over by the neighbor country, Haiti. After another period of Spanish and United States domination, Dominican Republic faced alternating periods of dictatorship and democracy.

Nowadays Dominican Republic is a democratic republic and has one of the largest economies in the Caribbean Sea region. Thanks to the many attractions, extraordinary beautiful beaches and the welcoming people, Dominican Republic is currently the top destination in the Caribbean.

In the second Caribbean country after Cuba you can find everything you will ever want from a fabulous vacation:  numerous beaches with turquoise water, large year-round golf courses, mountains and an impressive biological diversity.

Dominican Republic is also famous for its music and dance. Here is where the meringue and bachata were invented. Dominican rock and rap also stared to gather more and more fans.

The temperature is constant throughout the year ranging from 28°C to 31°C. Unfortunately the Dominican Republic is affected by hurricanes, August and September representing the hurricane season. The best periods to visit Dominican Republic are December to February and July to August, when the main tourist season is.

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