Five Useful Travel Tips

Five Useful Travel Tips

Five Useful Travel Tips

1. Drink Bottled Water

Especially in poor countries, the water is not safe to drink so is recommended do drink only bottled water. Although the water might be safe in major, civilized countries it’s also recommended to drink only bottled water because you might not be used to it. All water contains different combinations of germs and minerals, so you might get sick because is distinct.

2. Make copies

Always make a set of copies of your documents to keep them in your carry-on bag. If your documents are stolen or lost you might get in trouble without a copy of them.

3. Don’t keep all your money in a single bag

In case you lose your bag or you got robbed is safer to carry your money split in two separated bags. This way you will always have some money for backup. If you feel unsecure you can even place some money into your bra or underwear.

4. Always make your plans known

Let your family or friends know what your plans are for the day and week. Keep in touch with them by phone or email every day so if something happens they will know where to find you or track you down.

5. Plan before you pack

Try to plan your vacation thorough as possible and after that pack just the things you need. You should also check out the weather at your destination and pack the right clothes. Don’t pack too much but don’t pack too little either.

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