How to pack your bags for vacation

How to pack your bags for vacation

How to pack your bags

We all like to go on vacation and the closer the departure day gets, the more excited we are. Although we plan our vacation weeks or even months before, we always pack our bags in the last day. Because of the hurry and the excitement, is easy to forget important things that you discover missing only after you get to your destination.

If you forget something vital it can ruin your vacation, so it’s important follow some simple steps that can help you prevent that.

First you need to start preparing for vacation with a week before. This will give you time to resolve all problems that you may encounter. Check out the bag you will use for the trip. It must be big enough to hold all your stuff, but not too big.

Make a list with all the things and clothes you will need. Don’t forget toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, shampoo, etc.), make-up and entertainment items (portable DVD Player, iPod or a book).

Group all your outfits by days, and fold them together as you will wear them each day. When filling out your bag start with heavy things like shoes and toiletries on the bottom and leave the clothes on the top. Remember to put clean underwear and toiletries in separate bags and take another bag to use for dirty underwear. Keep the entertainment items in the front pocket of the baggage or in your purse for easy access.

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