Maldives, truly paradise

Maldives, truly paradise

Maldives, truly paradise

A remote island with white sandy beaches, turquoise sea and a lot of palm trees is maybe only a dream destination for those who did not heard about Maldives. This island nation located in the Indian Ocean at about 400 kilometers south-west of India has all the characteristics of a true paradise.

The state is made of twenty-six atolls that consist of 1,192 islands from which only 200 are inhabited. The tourism developed in the last three decades and is mostly based on luxury resorts located on remote islands.

The hotels impress even the most hard to please clients with exceptional services, peaceful atmosphere and intimate accommodation in beach villas or water bungalows. Each resort has its own spa that can be located deep within thick vegetation, in a lagoon or even built underwater.

Maldives is first of all a romantic destination thanks to the sunny beaches so many couples come to these island resorts for their honeymoon or wedding anniversary.

The marine life is another attraction in Maldives. The water is warm and has high visibility all year round so it would be a shame to miss out the chance to dive in Maldives. Besides the thousands species of fish the mantas, sharks and sea turtles complete the picture of a perfect diving spot. With 3000 coral reefs, Maldives is one of the richest diving coral reef areas in the world.

Maldives is also the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts. Each resort has a sports center that offers a wide range of water sports activities. These include windsurf, snorkeling, surf, parasail, kite-surf, kayak, jet-ski and water-ski.

Should be noted that excepting the capital city Male, where the tourist can interact with the locals, on the islands with resorts there are no locals besides the resort employees. This fact contributes to the clam, peaceful atmosphere that many say you can only find in Maldives which is the true paradise.

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