Orient Express train adventure

Orient Express train adventure

Orient Express train adventure

For those travelers looking for old fashion adventures in this fast traveling era, the Orient Express is the best choice. In present times people want to travel as fast as possible to get to their vacation destination in a very short time. But what if the whole vacation is based on the journey itself?

The Orient Express can be the unique vacation that combines the history, the luxury and the adventure in a very special way.

Launched in October 1883, the Orient Express train rapidly became famous for the impeccable services, luxury interior and fine restaurants. The original route of the train started in Paris, went through Alps, passed by Budapest and Bucharest, ending at its final destination, Constantinople.

Many royals, celebrities and rich individuals from all over Europe used to travel with Orient Express. Even the famous Agatha Christie loved to travel with this unique train which she used as an inspiration for the well known novel “Murder on the Orient-Express” .

In late 19th century, the train was the fastest and most comfortable mean of transport and remained so for many years. In the mid 20th century other means of transportation became available and the Orient Express slowly lost its popularity. The last original Orient Express voyage took place in 1977 but its history doesn’t end here.

James B. Sherwood, a wealthy business man and a fan of the Orient Express legend, bought the train and after huge investment relaunched it in 1982 as Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. The new route is from London to Venice reaching other beautiful European cities such as Paris, Vienna and Budapest.

The Orient Express  train is now the true icon of the railway luxury. Vintage cabins, exquisite French cuisine, live entertainment and high class services represent the features that successfully sustain the same image of  a legendary voyage that Orient Express has for a century.

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