Tanzania, the best safari destination

Tanzania, the best safari destination

Tanzania, the best safari destination

For those who are tired of  life in  the city and want to escape the routine nothing comes better like a safari. Traveling to the wild Africa, where you can observe animals in their natural habitat can even change the way you see life.

Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar are the names that instantly come to your mind if you think about Tanzania. These three locations are the most famous destinations in the Eastern African country.

Tanzania is a special country that has it all, starting from the idyllic beaches on the Indian Ocean shore to the mount Kilimanjaro which at 5,895 meters is the highest mountain on the African Continent and the fourth most prominent peak in the world.

Serengeti and Ngorongoro are the best safari destinations for adventurers. Here you can observe the wild life of African animals including the famous lions. The lake Tanganyika is another attractive destination in Tanzania. Tanganyika is the second longest lake in the world stretching on 670 km and also the second deepest lake worldwide with over 1400 m depth.

The combination of turquoise sea, white beaches and coconut palms make Zanzibar the perfect place for a relaxing exotic vacation. Besides the well known Island of Zanzibar, other two islands start to attract tourists: Mafia  and Pemba. These two islands are perfect for water sports and diving.

Before visiting Serengeti prepare yourself for an unique encounter with the Maasai, the indigenous population that lives here for millennia. Their special culture and way of living will take you back in ancient times.

Tanzania is a year round destination but the best time to visit Tanzania could depend on your interests. Climbing the Kilimanjaro is  best from July to October or from January to March, while for the wild beasts migration in Serengeti takes place only in November.

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