Top ten European weekend destinations

Top ten European weekend destinations

Top ten European weekend destinations

The economic crisis that affected the whole world in the past few years also put a mark on the travel industry. The number of tourists has decreased for all types of destinations just as the funds available for vacations.

Under these economic circumstances many individuals compromise and change the one-week or two-week holiday with one or two weekend vacations. The weekend destinations should be close so the traveling time to get there to be as short as possible. This is the main reason that makes the European continent very attractive for weekend city breaks.

The major European capitals are still in the top ten weekend destinations but cheaper eastern European capitals entered the top as a consequence to the limited vacation funds.

The top ten European weekend destinations are:

1. London, United Kingdom – one of the classic weekend destinations. It’s not cheap but nothing can compare with a weekend in London.

2. Paris, France – the international capital of romance and exquisite food remains in the top weekend destinations.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands – is the best destination for youngsters thanks to the nightlife but the city is also full of museums and outstanding gardens.

4. Rome, Italy – the unique combination of history and culture makes Rome an attractive weekend destination.

5. Barcelona, Spain – the “city of Gaudi” is a treasure full of undiscovered jewels.

6. Rotterdam, Netherlands – is one of the best clubbing destinations in Europe.

7. Tallinn, Estonia – the medieval buildings, the Soviet era influence and the cheap prices put this little capital among the top weekend destinations.

8. Prague, Czech Republic – a small and beautiful city full of museums and historic buildings.

9. Vilnius, Lithuania – the culture and the nightlife are perfectly combined in one of the smallest European capitals.

10. Riga, Latvia – free museums, historical buildings and good food brought the attention of many experienced tourists over this unique city.

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