Top vacation destinations in India

Top vacation destinations in India

Indian islands are a piece of Paradise

If you are contemplating on traveling and still looking for a destination where you could be amazed with the culture and heritage of the place, you can try visiting the top vacation destinations in India. From the stretch of the Himalayas to the various beach destinations popular in India, you are guaranteed to get almost any type of activity you like.

And you will be surprised to discover that despite having millions and millions of tourists visiting India, the country’s culture and heritage remain intact. In fact, each of the top vacation destinations in India can boast of a flavor distinct as its own. While some vacation spots boast of being apt for the romantic as well as the exotic people, there are also those that are perfect for some leisurely activities such as strolling and surfing.

Goa Beaches In India

If you are in search of an exotic beach in India, then make sure you head straight to Goa. In fact, several of its exclusive beaches like Anjuna, Baga, Marina and Calangute are frequently flocked by tourists anytime of the year and have also been already featured in the National Geography.

A Quick Dip In Anjuna

Be careful though as some of the beaches in these popular top vacation destinations in India may be dangerous. This could be attributed to the unsafe rock formation of the beaches; not to mention, the exhilarating surfs; although the beach of Anjuna may be perfect if you would want a really quick dip in the beach.

And due to the popularity of such top vacation destinations in India, specifically the beaches in Goa, there have also been quite a figure of hotels that have flourished. What is more, there are cafés in open air settings, sea food cottages, relaxing spas as well as the famous flea markets.

Andaman And Lakshadweep Islands

If Goa is famous for its vivacious and enjoyable activities like water sports, sun basking as well as sun bathing, the Andaman and Lakshadweep Island is exactly the opposite. South of Pondicherry, they also make it to the list of top beach destinations in India, only with a more spiritual ambience.

Both the Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands may really be considered beaches of peace, quiet and calmness. And what is more, you will be surprised to know that majority of these two top vacation destinations in India are still unexplored even as of today.

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