A 11 years old Bulgarian girl gave birth on her wedding day!

Kordeza and Violeta

Kordeza and Violeta

‘I won’t play with the old toys, I have a new toy now’, said Kordeza, a Bulgarian girl. She has 11 years and she is already mother and wife. Although it might sound odd, this is something pretty usual among gypsy families in some rural villages in Bulgaria.

Kordeza had her first birth symptoms while she was dancing happy at her wedding. She was still wearing her white dress and princess-like tiara when she arrived at the hospital and gave birth to little Violeta (Violet).

After a night with the baby, the bride put back her wedding dress and returned to finish the party. The family, led by the 19 years old groom Jeliazko Dimitrov, is very proud of their girl. They are from Sliven, a city where being a mother at 13 years old is on the agenda.

Kordeza was going to school but she is determined to quit, now that she has a much greater responsibility. She met her husband on the playground. Funny thing is that Jeliazko may go to prison, because he had sex with a minor. He thought the girl was ‘around 15 years old’, and the law says he can stay up to six years in prison, since the girl was under 14 years old.

The child was conceived in the first week after they met. Kordeza’s grandmother, who was taking care of her, did not know that she was pregnant. She just thought the girl got fat. The young couple hopes to remain together and care fore the kid without the authorities to intervene, because they love each other.

Sliven city is ‘European Capital of young mothers’. Last year alone 177 underage girls became mothers.

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