A 46 years old woman, head of Chinese mafia

Xie Caiping and her men

Xie Caiping and her men

Xie Caiping, 46 years, was arrested and convicted to 18 years of jail. The Chinese woman was the head of an underworld crime organization called Triads. The group with more than 9,000 members owned illegal casinos, operated high interest loans, dealt drugs and operated brothels.

Xie Caiping was arrested along with the 16 young men that were her lovers, the “Godmother” having a stable of men just to satisfy her sexual needs. The Triads terrorised the city for several years with acts of violence, drugs, sex and corruption. They also bribed police officials to look the other way and let them to continue with criminal activities.

The Triads had the protection of the Caiping’s brother-in-law, the former head of the city’s judiciary. The man was involved in the Triads operations and is suspected that he buried 3 million dollars under a pond with fishes.

Caiping and other leading members of the Triads were captured after a police officer infiltrated into the organization. The policeman was cought, havily beaten and abandoned in a sack.

A month ago courts in the same city sentenced another six gangsters to death in trials linked to the  Chongqing underworld. The Comunist Party’s boss started an war against the underworld, houndreds of crime organization members still waiting trail.

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