Extreme weather records

Extreme weather records

Extreme weather records

Driest Place

Although it doesn’t look quite like a desert, the Atacama Desert from Chile is the driest place in the world. The daily temperatures range from 0°C to just 25°C, but the lack of rainfall makes it the driest place on Earth. The average is less than 0.01cm/0.004 inches of rain per year.

Hottest Place

There are many hot places around the globe and every year there are new records adding to this category. Yet the hottest place on Earth is in Dallol, Ethiopia, where the mean temperature throughout the year is 34.4°C/94°F.

The hottest temperature

The record for the hottest temperature officially recorded in a meteorological station is from El Aziziyah, Libya, dating back from 1922. The highest temperature recorded that day, in the Libyan Desert was 57.8°C/136° F.

Wettest Place

With a record of 2,290 cm/916 inches of rain in just one year, Cherrapunji, India holds the title of the wettest place on Earth. The annually heavily rainfall is produced by the monsoons that hit the region each year.

Coldest Place

Antarctica has the lowest temperatures on earth, the coldest temperature ever recorded being -89.4°C/-129°F. In the same time Antarctica is also the highest continent, having an average elevation of 2,300 m/7,544 feet above sea level.

The largest hailstone

The largest hailstone ever recorded on Earth was discovered after a storm in Aurora, Nebraska. The hailstone was 17.8 centimeters (7 inches) in diameter and 47.6 centimeters (18.75 inches) in circumference.

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