Tight pants banned in Aceh (Indonesia)

A new law is about to be imposed in Indonesian province Banda Aceh banning tight trousers for women and shorts for men. According to the new law, women caught wearing tight pants will have their pants cut off and replaced with a long Islamic skirt.

Banda Aceh is the most conservative province in Indonesia with strict Islamic laws. The previous provincial government issued a law that condemned adulterers to death by stoning, and things seem to get even worse for the more emancipated part of the population.

There were already reports of women who had their heads shaved to bold because they were not wearing the Jilbab (the Muslim headscarf).

While small groups of people organized protests against this new law, the province government has already ordered 7,000 long skirts that will be used to replace the tight trousers of the women caught breaking the law.

Younger people seem to disagree with this new regulation, but more conservative groups are already acclaiming the new law. Ramli, a former guerrilla fighter said “The law does not prohibit women from wearing pants. What’s prohibited is wearing tight-fitting pants or jeans”, adding that “if, for instance, they have to wear pants, they have to cover their ankles and wear a loose skirt over the pants”.

The clothing commercials were also warned not to sell tight-pants to Muslim women.

While this new regulation will be imposed only in Banda Aceh, other Indonesian provinces are thinking about the possibility of adopting the new law in the future.

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