Top 15 most polluted places in the world

Top 15 most polluted places in the world

Top 15 most polluted places in the world

Pollution started as a major issue in the 20th century and continues to be one in the 21st century. Among the most dangerous consequences of pollution we can find: local greenhouse effect, global warming, melting glaciers, flora and fauna extinction, increasing number of diseases and increased mortality among the population. These are strong reasons to make you avoid visiting those places and in the same time these facts should act as an alarm for those in charge for local administration.

Top most polluted places on Earth are:

– Linfen, China

– Tianying, China

– Sukinda, India

– Baku, Azerbaijan

– Vapi, India

– La Oroya, Peru

– Mexico City, Mexico

– Dzerzhinsk, Russia

– Norilsk, Russia

– Chernobyl, Ukraine

– Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

– Kabwe, Zambia

– Dhaka, Bangladesh

– Antananarivo, Madagascar

– Haina, Dominican Republic

As you can see for yourself, the world’s most polluted places are in third world countries and in developing countries. China, India and Russia are among the largest countries in the world, with the largest population but also with the most crowded cities. In these cities the most part of pollution comes from industrial emissions and chemical waste, affecting the air, the water and the soil quality so bad, that the experts say those places can never be environmental safe again.

Other countries with pollution problems are: Azerbaijan, Peru, Mexico, Ukraine, Zambia, Bangladesh, Madagascar and Dominican Republic.

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