Top ten deadliest creatures

Top ten deadliest creatures

Top ten deadliest creatures

Although the man is the most evolved creature on Earth, there are hundreds of species of animals or insects that can be deadly to him threatening his life. From the whole range of deadly creature these are considered the most deadly, according to the number of human deaths every year.

10. Jellyfish: there are several species of jellyfish that can kill you with their touch. They cause tens of deaths every year.

9. Sharks: shark attacks are much rare than you may think but they kill 100 people a year.

8. Hippopotamuses: they are very big, strong, powerful animal that because to their violent nature attack humans and can cause up to 200 deaths per year.

7. Lions: is the king of the African continent. Fast and powerful animals, lions kill more than 200 people every year.

6. Bees: they are everywhere and they usually don’t pose a threat to us, but they have venom that can kill allergic persons. They can attack in large groups, the person attacked having no chance of escape. They kill about 400 people each year.

5.  Elephants: although they normally are docile and friendly there are moments when they become very aggressive. Due to their large size they can easily kill humans. There are about 500 deaths each year caused by elephants.

4.  Crocodiles: can live very close to the human habitats and make up to 2,000 victims every year.

3.  Scorpions: they make thousands of victims every year, but are more common in Africa. Not all scorpions carry venom, but the ones that do can kill you with their venom.

2. Snakes: the reptiles kill more than 100,000 persons every year. You can find several venomous snakes on each continent, but the most deadly is the Asian cobra.

1. Mosquitoes: they carry a lot of deadly diseases causing more than 2 million deaths each year. Anopheles mosquitoes are the most dangerous because can carry malaria virus.

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