Top ten deadliest volcano eruptions in history

Top ten deadliest volcano eruptions in history

Top ten deadliest volcano eruptions in history

The recent eruption of the Icelander volcano Eyjafjallajökull affected millions of persons in whole Europe. The ash clouds travelled on European sky, paralyzing for days the air traffic in all European countries.

This eruption reminded us that volcanoes still exist and can wake up after hundreds of years of sleep. Throughout human history there were tens of deadly eruptions. Here is a list with the top ten deadliest eruptions since Christ was born:

1. The gigantic eruption of the huge volcano Tambora, from Indonesia, in 1815, killing over 92,000 people, is the deadliest eruption in history;

2. Krakatau, a smaller Indonesian volcano killed 36,417 people in 1883;

3. Mount Pelee from Martinique erupted in 1902 making over 29,025 victims;

4. The 1985 outbreak of Ruiz, a Colombian volcano, is the most recent extremely fatal eruption, causing over 25,000 deaths;

5. The Japanese volcano Unzen entered the list of deadliest volcanoes for the 1792 eruption that killed over 14,300 people;

6. Laki, the bigger brother of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, erupted in 1783 and killed 9,350 people.

7. Kelut from Indonesia killed 5,110 people in a violent eruption in 1919;

8. Galunggung, another Indonesian volcano erupted in 1882 and killed 4,011 people;

9. The outbreak of Italian volcano, Vesuvius, from 1631 killed 3,500 people;

10. The Vesuvius eruption from79 is the one that destroyed Pompeii and is estimated that killed over 3,360 people.

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