Top ten eco-friendly countries

Top ten eco-friendly countries

Top ten eco-friendly countries

Today, the eco-friendly trend is visible all over the world. From simple people to governments, they all want to make the world a better place to live in. The centuries of industrial production put their mark on our environment and created a situation never seen before. Millions of tons of litter can be found floating in oceans or scattered in forests. The greenhouse gas emissions reached incredibly high rates and slowly our planet climax is changing. All these issues brought the attention of the world towards the environmental problems.

Some countries already implemented eco-friendly measures and lead the fight for a cleaner environment. The top ten eco-friendly countries are:

1. Iceland – it’s the first country fully powered by renewable energy thanks to geothermal resources and numerous rivers.

2. Sweden – this Nordic country wants to eliminate fossil fuels by 2020 so in just few years they will join Iceland in this exclusive club.

3. Switzerland – the very strict legislation and the “green” mentality brought the alpine country in our top ten.

4. Norway – here we can find the world’s largest solar production plant which contributes to their plan of carbon free power production by 2030.

5. Finland – it’s a good example for cleaning out the industrialization effects and restoring the natural environment.

6. Costa Rica – the large natural reserves that a quarter of the country’s population takes care of plus the eco-friendly legislation make Costa Rica a green country.

7. New Zealand – renowned for its breathtaking landscapes this large country with a small population is among the most well reserved.

8. Austria – the forest preservation and the water quality are the main priorities for this European country which is a model for environmental measures.

9. Mauritius – the small island nation has one of the best anti litter campaigns in the world and a good natural preservation legislation.

10. Colombia – although it had problems in the past, Colombia is now among the top most eco-friendly countries in the world.

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