Top ten largest cities worldwide

Top ten largest cities worldwide

Top ten largest cities worldwide

In the last decades, the population worldwide was influenced by economic factors. The search for a good job and the better living conditions that can be found in large cities attracted even more people. This trend can be observed at the global level and if we take each large city in part we can definitely conclude that the largest cities in the world are still growing.

The largest cities can be evaluated in two different ways. The first is to take into consideration only the population within the city borders (without the suburbs) while the second comparison take into consideration all people living in the metropolitan area.

For our top ten largest cities we choose the first method of listing which includes only the population living inside the political and administrative boundaries of the city. To get a clear look on the real urban agglomeration you can also find the area and the density information for each city.

The top ten largest cities worldwide are:

– Shanghai, China: population 13.8 million, area 1,928 km², population density 7,180 people/km²;

– Istanbul, Turkey: population 13.15 million, area 1,831 km², population density 7,170 people/km²;

– Karachi, Pakistan: population 13 million, area 3,527 km², population density 3,685 people/km²;

– Delhi, India: population 12.60 million, area 431.09 km², population density 29,150 people/km²;

– Mumbai (Bombay), India: population 12.48 million, area 603 km², population density 20,695 people/km²;

– Moscow, Russia: population 12.55 million, area 1,091 km², population density 10,590 people/km²;

– Sao Paulo, Brazil: population 11.25 million, area 1,523 km², population density 7,385 people/km²;

– Seoul, South Korea: population 10.46 million, area 605.25 km², population density 17,290 people/km²;

– Beijing,  China: population 10.12 million, area 1,368.32 km², population density 7,400 people/km²;

– Jakarta, Indonesia: population 9.60 million, area 662.33 km², population density 14,476 people/km².

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