World’s worst natural disasters

World’s worst natural disasters

World’s worst natural disasters

The mankind has seen many awful natural disasters throughout the history. These disasters took thousands of lives but some of them killed even millions. These are the worst natural disasters in the known history:

– The “Black Death” (the bubonic plague) killed approximately 25 million people from Europe, Asia and North Africa between 1347 and 1350.

– The deadliest earthquake ever hit the eastern Mediterranean in 1201 killing more than 1 million people in Egypt and Syria.

– Millions of Native Americans lost their lives because of diseases brought by Europeans during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

– In 1769 more than ten million people lost their lives from extreme hunger in Bengal, India.

– In 1876-1879 China was hit by the deadliest drought in the recorded history that killed around nine million people.

– The pandemic Influenza caused the death of at least 35 million people back in 1918-1919. 16 million people died in India alone, this being one of the worst disaster s in the recorded history.

– A massive Yellow River flood inundated several countries and killed more than three million people back in 1935 in China.

– Over 20 million died in China, in 1958-1961 due to political errors that caused massive starvation.

– The famine and floods that affected North Korea in 1995-1998 probably killed over 3 million people.

– Each year more than 2 million people worldwide die because of Malaria. There are no official estimations about the total number of Malaria victims throughout the history.

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